Buying FAQ

How do I buy a deal or make an offer?
Click the "Contact Seller" button to the right of the listing.
How do I pay for it?
We leave that up to the buyer and seller, but we recommend that the buyer uses PayPal to send the seller the money, at which time the seller will email the coupon's PDF (or the coupon code) to the buyer.
Where can I find more information about a deal?
Read the listing page, then click on the original deal URL for more info. You can also click "Contact Seller" to ask the Seller.
What if a seller is dishonest to me?
You may file a complaint about a Seller by emailing [email protected]. We will investigate and potentially block that Seller. We'll also be prepared to provide help to law enforcement if needed.

Selling FAQ

How do I view, edit or delete my listing?
Once you post your listing, we'll send you a confirmation email. Your listing URL will be included in this email. Click on it, and you can edit or delete your post.
What if I lose my confirmation email?
Visit to have another one sent to your email address.
When does my listing expire?
Your listing expires when the actual deal expires.

General FAQ

Is it free to use CoupRecoup?
Yes, is absolutely free for buyers and sellers. We do not charge buyers or sellers any fees for using our marketplace.
Can I sell a coupon anonymously?
Currently, sellers must list deals using the same email that was used to purchase the original coupon, and they will be required to confirm this email address in order to post a listing.
Which coupon sites do you support?
We allow resales of coupons bought on any site, but we streamline the process for deals from Groupon, Fresh Guide, Living Social, Social Buy, and Tippr.
Can you add [my city] to your list of marketplaces?
Currently, our demand for city coverage outstrips our ability to keep up! But we do plan to expand. Email us at [email protected] to let us know what city you want to see us support.
Can you add [a new coupon site] to your list of supported deal sites?
Same deal here we've started by supporting just a few local deal sites, but plan to expand soon. Contact us at [email protected] to recommend a coupon site we should add.